We're tired of the club.

Welcome to a
new type of party...

party vid2

This sound familiar?

You get dressed, convince all your friends to join you, pick a dinner spot nearby… all to wait in line where you maybe like the crowd and maybe have fun…

Why? traditional nightlife just caters to the people buying bottles.

We're switching it up. We care about the people having fun.

F*CK MAYBE. Here's what we're doing ↓

Unique venues

(like warehouses, art galleries, double-decker boats, and chinese tea parlors) 🛳️🎨

No Ads, No Promoters

yep, our growth is 100% organic. we think that's what gives us such a real crowd ❤️

A Safe, Comfortable, and Turnt culture

for everyone (especially women). btw, we only do the invites to keep the weirdos out. it's all love over here 🫡

A genuine love to make this happen

We love this shit, so we listen to what the people want. We curate DJs that play music you not only you want to hear.. but to sing and dance to.

A lit ass time with chill ass people

Yea, that's it. Not that complicated 🤣
See u there?

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